Building an HO-Scale layout just got very, very easy!

You will receive two cartons, each with two panels measuring 4 feet by 2-1/2 feet. Simply slide them out of the carton and place them on a flat surface 5 feet by 8 feet or more.

In your two cartons, you will find panels labeled A, B, C and D. Each is molded with the exclusive Terrain for Trains interlocking system that virtually eliminates any chance of error. Glue the panels together and you are ready to.....

...glue Atlas Snap Track or Flextrack into place, following the molded-in guidelines and printed instructions.

Later, you can add the Model H-4015 Mountain and a few buildings.

And finally, the layout comes to life when you add trees, bushes, people, cars, trucks, etc.
The layout in the photo below has 250 trees "planted" on it. And notice the trains; one is running on the
upper level and the other on the lower level.

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