'Terrain for Trains' Smoky Hollow Junction
N-scale Layout
The no-mess, no-hassle way to build an N-scale layout in only 10 square feet
(48" x 30").



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The Smoky Hollow Junction
    The Smoky Hollow Junction is a self-contained layout that measures 48 inches by 30 inches. It was designed for the model train enthusiast who wants to experience two-train operation with the shortest possible setup time. The two track mainline utilizes simple bridge components and has no hidden track. The roadbed is molded in place and construction is facilitated with the use of reliable Atlas snap track components. With a painted layout you can be running trains over scenic terrain in almost no time at all. The Smoky Hollow Junction layout features the same Terrain For Trains quality and detail. It is molded of durable, rigid, high-impact, hard-shell polystyrene, making it light and rugged. Building the Smoky Hollow Junction is simple. All the hills, grades, mountains, and roads are molded into the surface, eliminating the need for wood framing, screen wire, messy plaster and water. Track is glued to the layout surface with any glue suitable for styrene models. Detailed step-by-step instructions and a complete materials list are included with each kit. Model railroaders with experience in handling Atlas track can assemble the Smoky Hollow Junction in about two to three hours of total working time. The track plan features two separate (but interconnecting) mainlines for continuous running, as well as several sidings for switching operations. There is plenty of room for industrial, commercial and residential buildings to add to the operating interest.
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